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HQ37X hook type electrode frame shot blasting machine

It is specially used to clean up the electrode box with asphalt after impregnating. After blasting-cleaning,it can completely clean up the asphalt, which saves the tedious cleaning of manual cleaning, reducing labor costs, and improving the anti -fatigue strength of the electrode box.


It is specially used for cleaning the electrode frame stained with asphalt after immersion. Through shot blasting, the asphalt on the electrode frame can be completely removed, eliminating the cumbersome manual cleaning, reducing labor costs, and solving the next process due to The pollution of the environment caused by improper cleaning of asphalt improves the fatigue resistance of the electrode frame.



1. The arrangement of the shot blasting chamber and the shot blasting device is determined by computer 3D dynamic projectile simulation (single side arrangement of the shot blasting device).

2. the shot blasting machine adopts a landless pit structure, which can be convenient to move and save the production cost and cycle of the pit.

3. The high-power shot blasting machine produced by GF technology of Switzerland can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory cleaning effect.

4. the separation device adopts the internationally advanced BE full curtain type pellet slag separator, which can significantly improve the separation effect.

5. the machine design concept is novel, easy to use and maintenance.

6. the hook has the function of lifting, walking and indoor rotation.



1.The size of the workpiece to be cleaned: φ2200x3000mm


2. Load of hook: 3000kg            Rotation speed: 2.8r/min   Operating speed: 20m/min    Lifting speed: 8m/min


 3. Lifting capacity: 60t/h              Power: 4KW


4. Separation capacity: 60t/h          wind speed in separation zone: 4-5m/min


5. blast wheel : Q034x4                  Motor power: 15KW/set


 6. Conveying capacity: 60t/hour         Power: 3KW